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• Ambitions - Add personalized plans—like “operate three instances every week”—and Calendar will schedule time for them mechanically.

It has become the 6 Formal languages from the United Nations. The published sort of the typical language (中文; Zhōngwén), determined by the logograms called Chinese characters (汉字/漢字; Hànzì), is shared by literate speakers of or else unintelligible dialects.

transitive verb con·vert kən-ˈvərt 1 a : to vary from just one sort or use to another

In Hunan, women in selected regions publish their regional language in Nü Shu, a syllabary derived from Chinese characters. The Dungan language, regarded by quite a few a dialect of Mandarin, is presently published in Cyrillic, and was Earlier published during the Arabic script.

3. to turn to a different or a particular use or goal; divert from the first or supposed use: They converted the analyze into a nursery for the infant.

Since most Chinese phrases are made up of two or more characters, there are lots of additional Chinese phrases than characters. A much better time period for your Chinese character will be morpheme, as figures stand for the smallest grammatical units, individual meanings, and/or syllables in the Chinese language.

The Chinese orthography facilities on Chinese characters, which can be penned inside of imaginary square blocks, traditionally organized in vertical columns, read from top rated to base down a column, and proper to still left across columns. Chinese figures denote morphemes unbiased of phonetic modify. Hence the character 一 ("a single") is uttered yī in Normal Chinese, yat1 in Cantonese and it in Hokkien (form of Min).

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verb con·vert kən-ˈvərt converted; converting 1 : to change from one kind to Source a different

Calligraphy artists can produce in regular and simplified characters, but they tend to utilize conventional characters for conventional art.

Chinese kinds have already been phonetically transcribed into many other creating devices more than the hundreds of years. The 'Phags-pa script, by way of example, is very handy in reconstructing the pronunciations of premodern forms of Chinese.

any with the languages of China belonging into the Sino-Tibetan family, from time to time viewed as dialects of one language. They share only one composing method that's not phonetic but ideographic.

In truth I have minimal doubt,' said Flora, managing on with astonishing speed, and pointing her discussion with almost nothing but commas, and really few of them, 'you are married to some Chinese lady, becoming in China so prolonged and currently being in enterprise and By natural means desirous to settle and extend your relationship nothing was much more probable than that you should suggest into a Chinese lady and nothing at all was additional normal I am guaranteed than the Chinese lady really should take you and think herself pretty perfectly off much too, I only hope she's not a Pagodian dissenter.

• Duplicate and Replicate - Copy an function from just one calendar to another, or replicate an current party to use it as a template for the new occasion.

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